The butt muscle that cuts off your poop and keeps the rest of your poop in your bung.
My anal sphincter is so lose that I can't feel myself poop anymore.
by Scott E. Irish January 3, 2006
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The ring around your bum hole that causes it to prolapse.
Oi Emma piss off before i shove my fist up your anal sphincter!
by highland spring March 23, 2011
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Some would say quite similar to the asshole, the anal sphincter is like a little drawstring that loosens and tightens up your asshole when things are coming in and out of it.
My grandma has shit constantly flowing out of her asshole, she must have a problem with her anal sphincter.
by Tor Coolguy January 24, 2005
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a commonly used word to describe a person who repetitively asks stupid questions that are pointless and have no point
yo bro, does alchohol make you drunk?

stfu you anal sphincter..

but why?

epic lulz
by a black caucasian August 1, 2010
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