1) Air coming out of your butthole sometimes accompanied with feces when you have the flu.
2) An excellent yet extremely funny way to get rid of a blind date or just a person you don't know or like in that matter.
3) A good reason to make fun of someone.
4) A good reason to be friends with someone.
5) The possibilities are endless!
Gosh where to start?
Well first off farting is a great way to find things out about your friends. Try saying "hey i just farted" then watch to see if their nostrils flare up. you will automatically know if your friend is a fart-sniffer.
Second: farting can be used as jokes. For example "Question: why do farts smell?" "Answer: that's easy, farts smell because that way the def people can enjoy them too!!"
by Krusty Fordola July 29, 2003
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no matter how old u get it will always be funny
Ew yo a dog farting is the worst
by vin3434343 March 1, 2007
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A sport women do while driving in the car by themselves, usually with the window rolled up so they can "score" the stinkocity velocity. This is why they prefer leather seating.
Woman in car alone: EEEERRRIIIIPPPPP - sniff sniff, "Good one, I cannot wait until bunco so I can tell the girls"
by jeff May 1, 2004
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v. the act of expelling a bottom burp from one's arse.
Who's farted? That fucking stinks!
by Ernest Borgnine June 26, 2003
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a fartwarming experience in which two dudes trade farts
John and I did a fart-to-fart greeting.

Let's do a fart-to-fart!
by glitterchopsticks December 11, 2009
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