1. How you would type accidentally quick, especially in texting.
2. A common spelling error of accidentally
I think I spelled accidentally spelled accidentally as accidently
by Billiam Beaver March 14, 2017
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The improper usage of the phrase "by accident". Started in the United States, but it has started to spread to other countries like a plague. A terrible, terrible, grammar plague.
Cleetus: "Hey Maude, this 'ere critter dang near made me spill mah beer on accident."
by Riley Krushane February 16, 2006
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An event; when one urinates or fecalizes prematurely to reaching an established restroom facility, typically staining one's clothes and causing much embarassment.

Typically, having shat oneself.
Billy: "Teacher! Clyde shit himself on the swing!"
Teacher: "No, no, Billy! Clyde had an 'accident'..."
Billy: "Nawp. He shat himself and flew right off that sumbitch!"
by Drew D'Jew March 26, 2004
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"Mary, did you see those two cars accidenting?"

"Yes, I saw the whole thing!"
"Wonderful, the baby is Accidenting in his brand new pants!"
by TableFor6Please0814 September 21, 2016
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n. A commonly used excuse with the intention of averting responsibility.
Person 1: "I saw your hand down there and heard some noise, I call bullshit!"
Person 666: "It was merely an accident."
Person 1: "Oh, spare me your rhetoric, you know that your hand and arm didn't just magically spasm near my girlfriend's ass."
by (9+10)x2 = 42 | 42x10 = 420 November 7, 2016
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