If you're wearing socks, nothing you do is gay (see no homo).
Friend: I heard you had sex with Jeff. I didn't know you were gay!
You: It's ok. I was wearing socks.
Friend: Ok nevermind.
by The_Great_ Hugh_Mungus November 16, 2018
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If your wearing socks, you can let your homie buttfuck you but it still won't be gay.
"Jimmy slided his dick in me. But we were wearing socks and we said no homo so we're not gay."
by Massive PEEN boy March 8, 2021
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Something that doesnt fit. looks awful when wearing.
Did you see that new outfit she was wearing? Made her look like a chicken wearing socks.
by GoDwnOnHer July 13, 2008
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A term used to insult others presented usually in a sporting event.

To not be cool or worthy enough to call yourself cool or whatever you may claim to be.
by lildeezy101 May 30, 2011
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To be on the same page; To be on the same wavelength; To see eye to eye; To be of one mind
Andre and I had some issues that needed resolving, but after our meeting earlier we're definitely wearing the same socks.
by spicy-p April 22, 2015
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It is inferring that you are a feminine male that wears his socks up to his thighs. Also known as thigh highs.
shut up you wear your socks up pussy nigga
by c3mshot January 8, 2022
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