makes any statement, no matter how benign, friendly, or seemingly soft sound a bit more tougher.
It is very beautiful outside today, the sun is shinning, and the air feels so gentle on my skin, and shit.
by cliffj February 4, 2014
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Used as an ending to a sentence or statement. Used to describe things that usually happen such as watching tv, or masterbating.
"We're just chillin' and shit"
by Daniel Renaud April 28, 2004
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Usually when you have no way to complete a sentence. Also when you have no idea what you are doing, so you say something stupid and add 'and shit' to the end.
LadyArevalo: noooooo hes gonna make me lift weights and shit
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Something you say at the end of your sentence for a varity of reasons. Being too lazy to finish your sentence and not having an actual verb in your sentence are common causes to throw in "and shit."
Also used to make things that aren't really as interesting as you had thought in your head seem cooler.
"yo bobby's over we're playin video games and shit"

"yeah then we played. . .and shit. ."

"yoo! guess what! i just saw this girl! and she was hot and shitt"
by billyyyy November 21, 2007
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A "filler phrase"
When you become too lazy to finish a sentence or you just realize you dont want to finish the sentence.

Also used when a more important matter must be expressed. substitutes points of ill importance.
"so I was mowing my lawn and shit then this fucking guy lets his dog shit on my lawn"

"Oh I was out with the guys.
girlfirned: What did you do?
"Oh you know we went to the bar and ..
you know the bar and shit. Hey how about that Sea Biscuit movie! wanna go see that?"
by Zee'Krey January 26, 2005
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an addition to what your saying.
I bought my shoes today and shit.
by Ro August 31, 2004
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