A Norman medieval weapon that was popular for a short time. It consisted of a hardened spear forged with an inner core of rancid anal vapor. If a foe managed to defeat a knight and break his spear, the encased, aged vapors were designed to bring him to his knees. The weapon lost favor when armies began invading Mediterranean countries where the stench from the B.O. overpowered the soured vapors.
"How 'bout if I break that flatulance off in your ass, Nigga?!"
by Larry Sanders December 15, 2004
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He gave his opinion on handling the war in Afghanistan, suggesting the United States send a squad of Midwestern football fans whose diets consist of cabbage, cheese and beer and let their flatulence cripple everyone in range.
by mackhallux September 6, 2010
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A very intelligent way of describing something very immature
The adult male expelled flatulence through his anus. It did not emit a sound wave with an amplitude or frequency that could be noticed by the human ear, but it still emitted a stench that could cause an alligator in Louisiana to enter cardiac arrest.
by nilethe146 July 17, 2015
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A flat version of an escalator, such as those moving walkways you see in airports.
Philip was going to be late for his connecting flight, so he hopped on the flatulator to give himself a speed boost.
by BrianFromPSU August 12, 2008
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Fart, gas, cheese, break wind, cut, cut cheese, rip, ripped the cheese, let, let one, ripper, skunk bait, fluffer, poofer, false pooper, put-put, poof-poof, brown-dart, blue-dart, chair air, room clearer, angel's whisper, the dog did it, rotten eggs, anal methane.
"I had such bad flatulence, I could not sleep"
by Don August 7, 2004
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Another uncommon and mostly unknown word for "fart."
by the emo clan. August 30, 2008
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Last night, while we were in bed, my husband proceeded to pull the covers over my head and flatulize me.

I totally walked by Jim's cube and flatulized him without his knowledge.

My girlfriend was sitting on the couch reading a book. I simply walked over and flatulized her.
by Dervish88888888 August 28, 2013
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