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The primest SPORT ever invented.
Cool people ride them.
John- "Did you hear Peter, Dylan and Rigel scooter sexcore."
Tim- "Yeah, scootering must be rad.
by PV!!! March 06, 2009
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The gayest sport out of the 4 extreme sports, Skateboarding, bmx, inline skating, and scootering. Usually done by little kids who just snake everyone at the park on razor scooters
guy 1: Dude, look at that little kid on that razor scooter.

guy 2: yeah, just another bad parent who thinks it's a good idea to bring their kid to the skatepark.

guy 1: yeah, scootering is so gay
by scooters_are_gay May 20, 2013
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A scooter or L shape formed by two bodies used to give oral. Positions can be switched depending on who's giving and receiving.
Tim and Janet were scootering after diner last night
by GatsperTheFriendlyGhhost May 19, 2016
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taking vicodin, klonopins, and a drink called a "squirrell", and feeling the general peaceful relaxation that results; if with any Razor scooters, actually scootering may occur
When looking for a weekend of not only relaxation, peace, but also some physical activity, it may be wise to go scootering with your friends, but be sure to bring all the supplies along.
by Shannabeth February 06, 2011
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