abreviation for "let's go", usually accompanied by a head nod in the direction of the door.
"S-K-O, what's that spell"
by griffin October 20, 2004
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A social slur for any female. Mainly applies to those of the slutty nature. Someones considered a merging of the words skanky whore or skanky ho.
Did you know that girl you were conversing with the other night is a dirty sko.
by dkn May 27, 2003
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A sko is a skanky ho. This word is used when describing a female from a group of six or more friends sharing the same skank ho qualities.
Hey, have you seen her lately, she such a sko.
by lBuck February 27, 2007
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A person of color. The color black. Can also be combined with other words to specify that it pertains to a black person, ex:

Sko + hobo = skobo

Derived from the residential communtiy "Haggin Oaks", which becomes "Skao Niggah" when spelled backwards. The A in "Skao" was dropped to make it more pronouncable.

Can also be used as a greeting.
Formal: "Dat Wezley Snipes is pritty damn sko"

Hybrid: "Mah Skonar is goin off" (sko + sonar)

Greeting: "Sko", "Sko niggah!"
by Trevor March 15, 2005
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Once said by Shanda Knipe.
"Skank" and "Ho" put together.
by Dannie Sherrick April 22, 2005
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skanky ho. was invented in Lancaster, UK.
"god, Bethan, you're such a sko!"
by KillMeCynic March 5, 2005
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Combining the two words "skank" and hoe". Used when describing females who are "slutty" and "nasty" or if you just aren't fond of them at all and they deserve to be called something rude.
Ohmygod look over there, that girl is a total sko! I heard she did like 600 guys and has a boyfriend but cheats on him ALL THE TIME.
by ohmygoshitsme June 14, 2009
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