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Someone who won't ride snowmachines because he would rather do womanly activities.
Guy: Remember that sled trip that dude scootered on?
Girl: Yeah, He showed up at our scrap booking convention and all the girls were like WTF?
by JohnnyTBP February 13, 2013
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to be passed by a scooter usually while riding a motorcycle.
We were cruising down the highway the other day and we saw this guy on a cruiser get scootered.
by ScottyJRuns September 13, 2008
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To get so drunk that you fall face first and pass out. The fall results in your pants falling down around your ankles exposing your bare ass to the world.
Larry: Man I got fucked up last night.

John: Nice! How fucked up you Get?
Larry: Man I got completely scootered and woke up on my front lawn with a bottle rocket in my ass.
by Betrayal Inc. June 06, 2018
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