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someone who gets horny from cheese
that chazzerwazzer was so bangin
by Allie March 22, 2003
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When we go fishing we use cockles (shellfish) for bait, when we go fishing for guys (on the town) our bait is our titties so we call them cockles
The cockles aint catching many fish tonight..... *sigh*
by Allie July 17, 2004
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Jay: Oh darn, my hair is going frizzy.
Bob: Darling, you look fabulous.
by Allie May 19, 2003
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when you slap a bitch across the face with your dick
That bitch took too long to suck it, so I fadoinked her
by Allie December 30, 2004
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Themed party where the attendees all wear clothes not typical of their daily attire. Not to be confused with FORMAL DRESS.
Girl 1: What are you wearing to Kim's fancy dress party?
Girl 2: A wonderwoman costume :)
Boy 1: Rad!
by Allie December 10, 2004
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A great difficulty; a quandry. It is not located in any modern dictionary, and the references to the word are, for the most part, quite obscure. However, this word remains in common use and most individuals who use it say that they have used it since they were young.

The roots of this word are uncertain; some claim that it is a deformation of "difficulty" (which would be quite grievous for a typographical error) while others maintain that it is a derivation of "fugue." (However, "defugue" then becomes a nonsensical abstraction, as TheDiscouragingWord.com has pointed out.)

Since this word is not located in modern dictionaries, it is often mis-spelled. (See Defugilty.) However, the spelling found in all the internet references available (most of which are located on university webservers) is "defugalty."
Sorry for the defugalty; your paperwork went to three different offices and still didn't make it to the director's desk.
by Allie February 3, 2005
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im goin ova 2 delux247's crib tonight playa.
by Allie February 28, 2004
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