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A nice way 2 dump a boyfriend/girlfriend. Actually means It's not me it's you.
Look honey it's not you it's me.I don't wish to continue this relationship.
by Allie February 3, 2004
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Absolutely pointless "networking tool" that high school students overuse in an attempt to gain and then flaunt popularity. A potentially useful dating/networking tool for adults gone awry because it became a contest to see who could get the most "friends" added... (and by friends I mean other insecure teenagers adding you back in order to increase THEIR OWN friends count). An addiction where you must sign on every .3232134 seconds to see if anyone posted a comment, sent you a message, or put up a bulletin (to tell them to check out their new "hawt sexy pics!" a horrible pixelated shot of an underdeveloped highschool freshman in their underwear trying their best to make a seductive face)
Add me on myspace so my popularity can soar!
by Allie March 25, 2005
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Stands for AOL Instant Messenger.

Freeware that can be downloaded and used for communication via screen names added to one's buddy list.

Extremely popular software. Can have multiple 2 person conversations or multi-person buddy chats similar to a conference call on the telephone.

Popular networking tool for todays youth which also allows for the transfer of pictures, files and mp3s.
P1: "Dude, I've been waiting to here all day... tell me what happened between you and Jay!"
P2: "I'll tell you tonight on AIM- in fact I'll make a buddy chat so I can tell everyone at once."
P1: "Hey send me the English Vocab too while you're at it"
by Allie April 23, 2005
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to act of puking uncontrolably
She was using her subspeakerism disease as an excuse to get out of gym.
by Allie March 12, 2005
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a place where the most awesome girl in the world live (maggie).
allizon loves maggie.. in duncanville.
by Allie July 12, 2004
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the description for bacon that is cooked to the point of being floppy with a little crispiness.
THis bacon isn't crispafloppy, it's flopacrispy.
by Allie March 9, 2005
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giving someone the down low is telling them what happened or telling them the secret
yeah, heres the down low about today
by Allie March 6, 2005
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