Going out in the early morning to pick up the left over drunk chicks that haven't found anyone to go home with from the bar.
Greg called at 2am to see if we wanted to go scrap booking.
by Michael Heisey August 17, 2007
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Taking a family photo album and closing it around an erect member and then proceeding to fornicate with said photo album.

Bonus points are achieved for depositing man goo on Nan's face.
Dave Dench was caught Scrap Booking his mother's favourite album, she was upset.
by Wakers May 12, 2007
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homework given by your teacher that you don't even want to do it
Teacher: Alright students make a scrap book regarding unit 15. It's due 1 month
Student 1: i hate this
by Yuzeri September 28, 2021
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