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Going out in the early morning to pick up the left over drunk chicks that haven't found anyone to go home with from the bar.
Greg called at 2am to see if we wanted to go scrap booking.
by Michael Heisey August 17, 2007
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A slang term for lesbian intercourse. It is a more appropriate way to say "scissoring". One who practices scrapbooking is a scrapbooker.
Mom, I need to tell you something, I think I'm a scrapbooker and will experiment with scrapbooking.
by Carla "Dewey" Popbrownovich January 20, 2011
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The act of opening several photos on a computer/electronic device of your significant other or crush and masturbating while viewing the photos.
This morning, I opened up all of the dirty photos I have of Stephanie and started scrapbooking until my arms got tired.
by Goodson007 February 09, 2015
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Taking a family photo album and closing it around an erect member and then proceeding to fornicate with said photo album.

Bonus points are achieved for depositing man goo on Nan's face.
Dave Dench was caught Scrap Booking his mother's favourite album, she was upset.
by Wakers May 11, 2007
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When two or more lesbians spend the evening laying around scissoring each other.
While the rest of the crew went out for drinks, Jenn & Rachael decided to stay home to watch Lifetime Network & do some serious scrapbooking.
by Creepy ryno April 20, 2011
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The sexual act of urination, defecation, and ejaculation upon one person by a group of people.
What are your hobbies? Oh you know, I like activities you can do in a group, like scrapbooking, dp, and bukakke.
by Michael Artsncrafts July 18, 2008
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