To make a right turn. Usually while driving.
Yo man, hang a ralph at the next light.
by shiznit September 4, 2003
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The name Ralph was derived from the Ancient Viking name "Radulf" who was a Viking King or Lord also pronounced (Rah-thool-fr). To decribe Ralph, he is a gentleman, dashing, Loyal, masculine, charming, rugged strong, very protective over his love's of his life. Compassionate, romantic, cheeky silly, comical, attentive, focused head strong.Very sentimental only to thoes he trusts, does not let his guard down to outsiders. Intolerant of thoes that try and hurt his life or family, faithful dedicated to one woman! Prefers to step back and Analyse things first, very pratical, Little badass.
Ralph (Dashing) (masculine) (charming) (sentimental)
by spanky38 February 7, 2010
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Verb, to consume food or drink in a manner when high
Man I can’t wait to make cakes and Ralph with the mafia at Mitchell’s house tonight.
by Minoy November 26, 2019
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he can be bad at times , but when he wants to be he can be nice sweet and caring , he writes u long paragraphs saying how much he loves u he’s hot , and funny , when u get to know a ralph don’t mess it up or his friends wi’ll cum 4 u , but if u date him it will be epic ❤️
he’s so hot

oh ya that ralph 🥵
by rowan.... April 18, 2019
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ralphs are the best,there usally tall,tan skin, super hot. ralphies are sweet and out going they can make u smile easy (: they dont like to be sad or never have a smile (: if u get one keep him hes the best and hopefully mine soon (: <3 ralphies also like to have sex! alot!! dont cheat and will always be faitful.
"Who's that cutie?!"

"That's Ralph!"
by BreezyDoll January 27, 2012
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The most amazing guy in the world. He is the most gorgeous man out there! He has an amazing music taste and always starts the latest trends in clothes! The best boyfriend you could ever wish for. He's always there for you and he is someone you can trust with anything. He completes me in every way possible and makes me happy when skies are grey. You can talk to him for hours on end about anything and find myself losing track of time and end up talking to him way past your bed time. For as long as you have known him you will have had the best times of your life, he is someone who you cannot imagine your life without anymore. He is the most incredible person you have ever met and has become the most important person in your life now. He is the type of person that you would want to spend the rest of your life with. He is the person who you will never want to let go.
Person 1: Ralph is my not only my boyfriend, he's my best friend.
Person 2: Lucky! I wish i had someone like that!
Person 1: Wow have you seen Ralph?!
Person 2: Yep he's all mine ;)
by EmiRush February 21, 2012
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