basically telling another, that they suck, or they are gay, or just telling them you just flat out hate them. Originated at Wilcox Tech. Started out as Bon Jovi Rides.
Yeah man, shut your mouth, you are giving me a friggin head ache. YOU RIDE.
THAT RIDES man!, I was thinking that I was going to get some tonight.
by Lou F March 3, 2007
when someone continuously insults another individuals appearance, attitudes, and actions.
Bruh!!! That was soooo sloppy, im bout to ride you out, bruh!!! Remember when you got rode out last week. You supa- sloppy and Im in maximum BEASTOCITY!!! Im gunna ride you out. Slooooooooppy!
by beastnigga502 September 30, 2006
Oh have you seen Dababy teaches you how to ride a skateboard? Omg yes it’s better than joe nut definitive edition
by Yoloswagmaster69696969 June 7, 2021
A saying that means if you commit enough bad actions, eventually those actions will spiral out of your control.
"Remember Sarah, who used to take Adderall in college? She just got arrested for aggravated assault and petty theft."

"Well, if you take enough rides with the devil, eventually he'll drive."
by CrazyandIknowit May 27, 2020