The age of anyone over 25 but under 30. Otherwise known as 20-noneyobusinessfoo!
"How old are you"
"I'm 20-something."
by sarabethbrady August 13, 2008
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"THAT" guy - you know the one... 20-something yuppie-in-training, lives with old college buddies in a messy apartment, never has toilet paper in the bathroom; loves life, beer, pizza, and hot 20-something girls although is hesitant to commit.
"... yeah, we met last weekend for drinks - he was as cute as I remember - but he's TOTALLY 20-Something-Guy!"

"He's still in 20-something-guy mode, but I'm hopeful he'll grow out of that by the time he's 30."
by WTZ_82 February 5, 2008
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A right invoked by males in their twenties to NOT do what is socially expected of most adults.
Bob: Normally, I would say you should get Joe a gift for having his first baby, but you may be able to invoke your Clueless 20-something single male exemption, and do nothing.

Ted: Good point, I am pretty sure there is something about that in the U.S. Constitution.
by RedBeard53 October 9, 2009
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