Bruce is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. He doesn't know how much he's needed in the world. He is so lovable and caring. He puts you before himself most of the time even though he doesn't need to. He is the world's greatest cuddler ever. And when he kisses you it's like you're underwater (its amazing). He writes poems and songs and they're amazing. He has amazing brown eyes and if you look right into them you're mesmerized. He's been through a lot but he gets stronger by it. He's so handsome its hard to explain with only words. Hes so fantastic and hes not someone that you want to lose. If you don't have a Bruce in your life, then i feel bad i for you because they're amazing.
"Bro hey Bruce, you a cool friend"
"I'm so lucky to have Bruce as my boyfriend"
by kaykarlol July 20, 2015
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Bruce is stubborn, selfish, careless friend. If he thinks your not good enough or your toxic to him, he will cut you off from his life. On the other hand Bruce is an amazing, kind guy, always ready to smile. It doesn´t take long for any girl to make the connection. You go from being acquaintances to close friends... to lovers. You can share all feelings with him. Bruces are precisious gift of your life, until they decide that you are not suited for them.
Don´t let Bruce play with your feelings! Don´t let Bruce hurt you!
by VRsunandmoon May 18, 2018
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Bruce is an awsome person. He is kind,loveing,and respectful. He knows how to let lose,however he should always be taken seriously.Bruce is deffently NOT your average joe,and a complete foil of most guys. Heres a shocker he actully cares about people other than himself! Bruce is kind and loveing to his family and friends, and will always have your back. Over all Bruce is a completly amazing person!
Girl1: This guy is sweet, caring, and attractive!
Girl2: wow! Let me guess his name is bruce right?
Girl1: yes! how did you know?
Girl2: cause only totally amazing people are named bruce.
by Maddie2011 February 1, 2009
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Bruce is slang for Marijuana (weed). It is a shorter version of "Bruce Banner" which is used as slang for the drug since it is the name of The Incredible Hulk who is big and green.
The most credited reference is from a rap lyric in Dr Dre's "Some L.A. Niggaz" from King T's verse which goes:

"I'm comin 'Straight Outta Compton' with a loose cannon
Smoke big green, call it Bruce Banner"

Hey man, I'm about to go out back and talk to Bruce.

Anyone seen Bruce around?

by Deacon D May 2, 2007
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Basically the sole meaning of a bro who is so chill, savage, and fucking cool that he out bruces everyone when he walks into a room. Hell outsmoke the stoners, throw some sauce with the boozebags, and bag the finest broads. Do not fuck with this type of man...
Losers always complain about there best, and winners go home and bang the prom queen, thats fuckin bruce as fuck.
by onechillbruce November 5, 2011
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verb. To go on a bender of consuming Girl Scout Cookies, usually multiple boxes a day for several days. The appropriate unit for brucing is in "boxes".
"Last week was rough. I bruced half a dozen boxes of Girl Scout Cookies by Wednesday."
by ossavir March 15, 2017
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