1. To take up a more than reasonable amount of space so that one is able to go lone wolf and have no one around them.


2. Some one who takes up too much space
- Parking diagonally across a drive way

"Her small car took up all the parking. She scootered the driveway."

- Taking up a whole table so no one can work with you

"There is enough to room for four at that table but he is scootering it by spreading his books around and throwing his jacket on the extra chairs."

- Laying on a park bench or public seating so no one will try and sit with you a carry on a conversation Forest Gump style.

"I hate talking with strangers so I am just going to scooter these bus seats."
by Old-man Adams May 16, 2015
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a 20-something male who enjoys the company of questionable teenage girls.
"is that Joey over there, talking to those high school girls? He's such a scooter"
by Ryan Brown December 21, 2004
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"Rave" German music band. Consists of H.P. Baxxter (the main singer) and two other keyboardists. Popular in Europe for hits like "Hyper Hyper" and "Nessaja". Impressive live show. Good party music.

Best Techno Band Ever.
I went to a Scooter concert and it was intense.
by Will February 24, 2004
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Proper noun. The Muppet who usually handled the guests for the Muppet Show.
Superstar guest: "Scooter, do you realize you have me set to sing with 3 giant seals?"

Scooter: "I'm sorry but the other quartet member was sick!"
by DaBunny June 3, 2005
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The worlds finest form of transport.
Thats a scooter not a bloody car, bird, dick or harley.
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1. (as a unit of time) 20 seconds
2. (as a unit of length) approximately a fun sized candy bar
1. (time) I'll be back in a few scooters : equal to 1 minute
2. (length) I'd say that pigeon has a wingspan of about 6 scooters
by Dr. Jizz January 31, 2021
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That Scooter is one fine cat.
by Lisa October 12, 2003
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