1. To move over in order to create space

2. To exit with particular haste
1. Scoot over dude! I need to sit down.

2. That bitch showed up at the party and I scooted out of there faster than you can say "Tab Benoit"
by DudeoftheDay March 13, 2005
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Noun: of, or pertaining to food, specifically a bean burrito (with or without cheese).
Person 1: "Hey man what did you order?"

Person 2: "Two scoots and a side of hot sauce."
by cactusjacksoup November 2, 2010
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The combination of weed and tobacco. You then smoke it.
by soucemagoose November 8, 2010
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To move quickly, esp in fleeing or escaping.
When they saw the cops they scooted right out of there.
by Cat July 3, 2003
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Verb: describes when a dog rubs its dirty anus along the carpet to dislodge clagnuts. See also scoot ass.
We will have to train Rover not to scoot in the lounge before we buy new carpet.
by Dan Fox June 25, 2003
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most commonly reffered to as a beezy, hoe, bitch, or a girl.
That scoot is top notch
by skuck June 3, 2007
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