Joey is a guy that is super sweet and cute and usually a total gentleman, but sometimes he acts all grumpy like he doesn't want to be friends and you're left confused because literally yesterday he was flirting and protecting you! Joey is just a really confusing guy that should come straight out and tell you if he likes you.
Dude this book is full of plot twists.

We should call it Joey.
by TheDorkyPrincess December 2, 2017
Joey is so sweet, I miss him. he was one of my best friends, he always knew how to lighten the mood and make everyone feel at ease. He was never cocky and when he was, it was kind of cute. Big flirt. but you never thought he was actually serious and flirting with you, because come on, he’s too good looking of a guy to want to get with you. Anyways, he’s great and smart and I hope he’s doing okay wherever he’s at right now. Ok, bye Joey 👋🏾
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 16, 2019
The hottest man in the world, he is a sex god and he gets all the girls with his 10 inch penis
by a_huge_pile_of_poop October 19, 2013
A competitive boy with a unique sense of compassion for everyone around him who is sexy enough to be the spawn of Rob Lowe. He's usually very serene and collected and helps his friends be the same, but when highly agitated his emotions tend to take over. He's like a perfect big brother to everyone. All the girls want him more than they want anything because when he takes his shirt off, it's like heaven embodied in a single man.
girl 1: I wish I had my own Joey
girl 2: Don't we all!
by uscgirl1658 May 16, 2010
Beware, Joey runs around these parts of the woods without any concern for law and order. If you cross Joey, you better hope that you were not seen.
by RockyJohnson May 30, 2020
The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off.
I wish my boyfriend was a Joey.
I know don't we all?
by Niobi January 18, 2008