Basically a big circle of men jerking eachother off, aka: circle of man love and circle of life.
Hey you guys wanna come by later and schnoodle?
by StardustBoy June 16, 2007
The act of passionate tip to tip rubbing of the head of the penis between two men.
I don't feel like butt sex tonight, I was looking forward to just schnoodling.
by thumbs October 29, 2019
Also known as "schnoodle!" or "oh my schnoodle" or "schnoodle my poodle" the child that made this phrase goes to a Christian school,where cursing is INNAPROPRIATE, so, he made this excellent phrase to calm his anger.

Definition:A word used when suprised,angry,or just a random word to say.

Synonyms: Poop! Snap! Aw shucks!
Bobby:jumps out of the bushes
Cameron: Oh Schnoodle! *starts crying*
Bobby: I didnt mean to scare you that bad...
by thechristianuser February 13, 2020
so tired your not able to function. Looks dead on the outside.

Most affective after smoking weed.
Damn, you looked schnoodled.
by BadassDude23 December 17, 2017
N: a dog breed cross between a schnauzer and a poodle
Jimmy's new puppy is a schnoodle.
by Lizard boots and Lipshitz August 13, 2019
Schnoodle: (verb)To flirt in a cute, playful, and innocent way. Its often gross to witness
Mom, dad, don't Schnoodle in front if me. It's disgusting.
by NEWLEZ TRUSILE December 26, 2016