this has two meanings, it is the language of people who take drugs.

its is also another word for ketamine use.
"pass the ruffiniser so i can shwoop shwoop de woop the schnoodle"

"are we schnoodling tonight?"
by dublevision February 21, 2004
A Schnoodle can also be a circle jerk between a circumsized guy and an uncircumsized guy.
Kevin the Navy guy knows the definition of Schnoodle because he has a dirty mind.
by Athene Airheart April 18, 2004
When you climb on top of the stall/bar in a restroom and proceed to shit off the top into the toilet, creating a satisfying splash
brad: Dude, Kevin asked to use my bathroom, and he went schnoodle diving off the counter!
Nick: HAA!! sucks to be you man. Better get a mop.
by tinwillie June 22, 2011
Schnoodle is another slang for penis.
Quit doodling (playing with) your schnoodle (penis) and get over here!
by Jerkin the gerkin April 26, 2006
Term of endearment, usually said in the wee hours of the morn, between two best friends. Undeniably adorable.
I love you. You are my little schnoodle-schnoff!
by Peanut&Raisin December 27, 2011
The act of schnoodling with a homeless person while using a toilet paper tube and baked beans.
While at the Jersey shore I witnessed two men doing the homeless schnoodle, the sound was like pulling a duck from the mud.
by Bigtoasty66 July 29, 2021