1}- a splendid brand of ketchup
2}- a verb that is used when one does poorly on a test, particularly when one recieves a grade of "57".
1}- these frenchfries are good, but they would be even better if i had some heinz to put on them.
2}- damn that spanish test was so hard, and i didn't even study...i bet you i totally heinzed it.
by mescelestus June 18, 2006
the products that support's kerry's livelihood.
when you buy a heinz product, you are financially supporting kerry, like it or not.
by Russell Berry August 13, 2004
Where Kerry gets all his campaign money
It's not blood money, it's ketchup money
by Dan April 10, 2004
a person with many ethnicities.

57 variteties
by chow chow June 6, 2003
To beat on a container, with the lid removed, to remove every last drop of product.
"Dammit Charlie, you best Heinz all that shampoo out. It ain't cheap!"
by CaptainGinger March 6, 2017
someone of no specific origin. ie heinz: 57 varieties
Fred: where are you from?
Corinne: bit of everywhere
Fred: you are therfore a heinz.
by tweedledumdum August 26, 2009