King Lebron. Lebron James. What Lebron James has done for the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers.
We are all witnesses.
by Matt Ammiller May 19, 2006
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Christians don't go advertising their beliefs door-to-door at 7 in the morning.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 6, 2003
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someone who stays around for a friend so they don't get kidnapped and or raped by a rando.
Margaret I will be your witness, that dude is mad shiesty.
by Margoballsacks May 19, 2010
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To check out, or look at members of the opposite sex; part of the teenage mating ritual; to look and lust over another human
Look! Those boys are witnessing us!
by Casey Jo June 15, 2003
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Person 1- I just got a new car
Person 2- Witness.
by thetek November 3, 2003
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recognize and, in some cases, preach the gospel. See wordrecognize
let 'em know with a quickness, y'all better to witness.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
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The ability to think quickly. Often associated with humor.
He has a great wit, as evidenced by the laughs he got at that party.
by Diggity Monkeez July 14, 2005
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