a playful one is one that always likes to have fun, often the center of ones attention.... they like to laugh and make others laugh. a playful one is a very special kind of friend. a playful one may also be a little on the frisky side
she is playful, or I like to be the playful one
by playfulrenee March 9, 2006
“did you buy playful vampire?”
“yes, i stole my mums credit card!”
by anonymous 1230 January 28, 2021
When one makes fun of another person, but doesn't actually mean any harm. This is generally used when messing around with friends.
" I wasn't actually trying to be mean, it was just playful criticism."
by QueenoftheNerds June 11, 2017
Someone who likes to play sexually with the same sex, but still prefers to have a heterosexual relationship.
Mary loves her boyfriend Jake, but at times she wants to be bi-playful with Sally
by MicheySquichey August 25, 2008
Opposite of reproductive intercourse.

The act of intercourse between two people without the intention to reproduce.
After Women's Suffrage, views on sex started changing. Many married couples started having intercourse without the means of reproduction. This playful sex has transformed the view of women since the 1920's.
by Word Wise November 7, 2013
When a math educator desires to be creative, purposeful, and challenged in teaching or sharing math to the best of their abilities—for example, submitting some math tidbit or irreverent math entry to Urban Dictionary to humanize the most disliked subject in school.
Being mathematically playful might win you a number of fans and friends, but it often triggers an unhealthy climate of envy and jealousy among your fiends and foes, who will serially and wickedly downvote any published math entries at the slightest opportunity, thus immaturely exposing their deep hatred and irrational fear.
by MathPlus February 3, 2019