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term from about the early '80s (prob a derivative of "brainer") describing someone in school who is extremely smart and gets high grades.

a browner can be (but not necessarily) a geek or a nerd.
"Edwin? oh yeah, he's definitely a browner...I think his lowest mark was a B+ !"
by Holly August 31, 2004
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liquid human waste (urination) - aka pee

- opposite of thickie (shit)
"Where's the bathroom? I need to have a thinnie before I explode!"
by Holly December 6, 2007
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A youngin', one who knows very little but acts like they know it all. Basicallt used as in insult to those who have never grown up!
Paul is such a premie!
by Holly March 8, 2005
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An evil world created by those with a mental addiction called gnaetopia
'Ah, the evil glom people are coming to get me!'
by Holly April 5, 2004
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Holly is always trying to show of and hates it when other are cleverer than her even though she try's to make others think she doesn't care. Shes competitive and won'tey anyone best her. She screams at her mum because she's a spoilt kid and gets everything she wants. She is always know as the tall one but when others are taller than her she puts on a pair of heels.
That girls like holly, don't go near her!
by Holly January 11, 2015
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overused and at times annoying response to what day of the week it happens to be
"Is it Wednesday today?"

"Yep, all day."
by Holly August 11, 2004
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An australian man. Sexuality highly ambiguous.Fake pilot.Wears cropped trousers.Extremely annoying and confusing person.
He's so JE! I hate him Heather!
by Holly March 30, 2004
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