an elephant and a camel meet on a road:

Elephantl: Say, why is it you camels have your breasts on your back?

The camel pauses for a mimute....

Camel: That's an unusual question coming from someone who has a dick on his face...
the moral of the joke is this: camels are sexier than elephants!
by yogos July 21, 2006
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there is a rooster on 1 side of the river and a cat on the other, the roosters food is on the cats side and the cats food is on the roosters side

the rooster flies over to the cats side and the cat tries to jump across...

the cat falls in

the moral of this joke is wherever there is a satisfied cok, the is a wet pussy
by c0ksoaker June 23, 2009
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what do u call a black airplane pilot

a pilot you racist
by Savino biotch April 9, 2005
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A boy was masturbating in his room 1 day and his dad comes in:

dad: "Son, stop masturbating or u will go blind."

son: "Dad, i'm over here."
come on ppl its a funny joke, just laugh along ;)
by lilangel4eva September 24, 2009
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(joke here)
he missed the JOKE
by treeman23 March 11, 2022
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whats the difference betwwen light and hard?

you can sleep with a light on
by tyler mccaffery January 9, 2009
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