The act of blowing a load or taking a load up the ass without a rubber
He was so hot I let him breed me.
by Muscle Head August 18, 2003
To inject semen into a woman's vagina. The anus does NOT count toward this - breeding must be just that - attempting to impregnate a woman by injecting semen into her vagina with a penis.
Buffy got so hot she begged for him to go ahead and breed her instead of pulling out.
by Fred October 11, 2003
To produce (offspring); to give birth to. If it wasn't for my mother breeding me, I would not be here. Of course, she can't take all the credit. My father helped out as well.
"I breed", said the barren woman, as she ate her pasta and bread.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 22, 2003
the act of two animals having sexual intercourse
your child steve: did you and mummy breed

you: yes you little shit now bend over
by SmoothTrain4 March 15, 2020
A nickname for one's friend at a multi-racial school, in which from the person's complexion, it is clear that there is some "cream in the coffee."
From one light-skinned black male to another, "What's up, Breed?"
by SweetPete January 2, 2007
When a male and female have sex without a condom so the male can creampie her. Usually it's done as a fetish and the woman is on birth control.
by test_bug December 8, 2019