a cross between a Schnauser and a Poodle, can also be used to indicate a dog has schnoodle in it
My Cocker Schnoodle is half Cocker Spaniel and half Schnoodle.
by Tromp September 3, 2007
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A metalic straw-like device used for snorting cocaine or other illegal substances
Pass me the Schnoodle
by Funtime September 5, 2008
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Defition 1: A Schnauser and a Poodle mixed together to create an adorable little dog. This is the most common defition.

Definition 2: To penetrate.
Definition 1: What an adorable Schnoodle you have! How old is he?

Definition 2: I am going to schnoodle their fortress with my amazing army!
by Silence21 July 23, 2011
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When you CC your work buddy onto some long worthless email thread at work
Employee A:
To: Tim, Meg, Al, Joe, Frank, Tom, Annie, Mel,


I was under the impression that I am just counting the items – not requesting the pulls from inventory. It was noted to be requested on my xcel document, can you guys work it out with the DC?

Employee B:
To All: "Adding Clayton"

You've been schnoodled
by Male Docking March 4, 2014
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The act of taking a short nap or long after a hard day of work.
Ellie wake up from your schnoodle!

by Codenamekidsnextdoor March 28, 2009
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"Are you schnoodling his blurple?"
"Are you scnhooldly seriouse,what the schnoodle?"
"That bitch is a total schnoodle"
by Heather Lyane Smith November 27, 2007
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