If it exists, it's probably in Japan.
Truman: Raw horseflesh Ice cream?
Yu Min: No Way!!! That can't be real.
Truman: Rule 38.
Yu Min: Topo!
by Elite CAT September 18, 2008
Rule 38 is a prison offence in which someone is masturbating in public.
He got locked up because he kept doing a rule 38 in front of the female prison guard.
by Cereal KiIIer June 21, 2010
Analogous to Rules 34 through 37, Rule 38 states that if something exists, there is a plushie of it, or there will exist a plushie of it. This is not a constant, but an inevitability; i.e. not all things have plushies, but come the end of time, they will.
"Half-Life 2: Episode Two had those really scary Hunter enemies; now they have them as plushies."
"Christ, Rule 38."
"WTF is rule 38?"
"It's like all the other Rule 3x's, but about plushies."

by Flatterland August 21, 2008
One of Gibbs's rules from NCIS: Your case, your lead.
Tony: Aren't you going to interview him?
Gibbs: This was a case you worked when I was retired. Rule 38 DiNozzo.
by vespasegway March 7, 2017
If there is a type of porn, there is a website for it.
J. Have you seen that pillow porn website?

B. There is no such fucking thing.

J. Rule 38
by Krow1125 September 14, 2008
Anything that can be turned into porn will be turned into porn
Make sure to know rule 38 of the internet so you know that even your pets,elderly,and even your trees aren't safe.
by JarlBatman August 19, 2015
if there's a thing. there'll be a movie
Sonic's movie, battleships movie even fuckin Dora's movie rule 38
by Cursewordremasterer December 10, 2021