1. A person who cracks jokes, and impress other people. Can be used for jokes and sarcastic comments. Named after a character Anthony DiNozzo from a long-running CBS crime action TV show "NCIS" who is (and was) played by longtime veteran actor Michael Weatherly.
2. A nickname for everyone else for comedic purposes and sarcasm purposes.
4 months, huh? Really, DiNozzo? Thanks for sharing.
Hey, DiNozzo, find out who's that guy is.
Really, DiNozzo? I guess that's why you married your sister's babysitter.
Well, DiNozzo, that explains why you're married.
Why, thank you, DiNozzo, now I will be traumatized by that image in my head.
Shut it, DiNozzo.
DiNozzo, you have 3 seconds to get your butt out of my car.
Pay up, DiNozzo, you owe me five bucks.
by RayKV423 November 13, 2020
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To be smacked in the back of the head after a smart ass comment
(clutching head) Why did you DiNozzoed me?

Gibbs: ID withheld...
Tony: Probably the reason you married her. I mean, she probably hid her real personality as most women do, and by that time it was too late because you'd already (smack) I'm gonna shut up now.
Gibbs: Now?
by Lady Slone April 24, 2008
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Tony Dinozzo, full name Anthony Dinozzo is the womanising, chauvanistic agent on NCIS. Comes from a wealthy family and has a love for fast cars. He is very false in his opinions of women and prefers the blonde, busty type. He is rather unpleasant to Special Agent McGee, giving him the nickname of "Probie". He was infected with Bubonic Plague at the end of series 2, and someone tried to frame him for murder in series 3. Tries to make a pass often at new agent Ziva David much like he did with agent Todd, but is constantly blown off. Often recieves a slap across the back of the head from Gibbs.
Tony Dinozzo is played by Michael Weatherly who has also starred in many other US shows, such as Charmed, and has one son, August Weatherly, with his ex wife.
by NCISfreak March 20, 2007
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To, during the act of intercourse cum twice in one session. Making a cream pie in the ass and the vag, order is not important
Person 1: Dude i came twice while having sex last night
Person 2: Tony Dinozzo style?
Person 1: Hells yes!
by smc894 October 21, 2007
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