bullets fired from a gun, gun shots
If you don't watch your back you will get hit with lead.
by The Return of Light Joker October 2, 2007
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A joke that gets no response. Contraction of the phrase a'lead balloon'.
that's a lead, bro
by Dint Garrison August 11, 2003
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the name for an element of electronic music. typically also a supersaw.

it is the "lead melody" of an edm track but also it is an instrument. characterized by a high, bright sound with a sharp eq and a high sustain.
that lead sounds awesome!!!
by TranceCrafter July 22, 2018
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It can be used to describe somthing that is "old" or "broken".
"Dude that bike is lead"
by chippy009 May 27, 2006
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When you talk about a girl (or boy) you think is ugly you can say 'she is lead'. It originated from patois or kweyol.
"Look at HER! She is LEAD!"
or "She is la LEAD!
by Ricardo A. Clarke June 26, 2005
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n. Slang for penis, especially one of large and hard status.
Bitch, I'ma shove my lead in you.
by k.nin3 September 3, 2006
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In Disney theme parks, the shift leader among cast members. Not management, but not a regular cast member's equal.
Tell the lead that this child is lost.
by amg May 3, 2003
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