Used to describe something epic or well orchestrated, like a good movie is.
Yo did you were you at that party last night? It was a movie.

We workin on this new shit right now, this finna be a movie.
by Izzard the Wizard March 04, 2012
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An excuse for making out in public, or at a friend's house.
Randy:Shane invited us over to watch Saw II and some other movie. Want to just go to make out on his couch?
Angela: Sure. Shane's such a dumbass anyways.
by IdleWild April 04, 2006
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An excuse to create miniatures.
In our movie, we used over 400 miniatures. We blew most of them up.
by Rusty Spell January 30, 2004
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1. a film; short for 'moving picture'.
2. a mindset or trip that a person or group is on.
3. a situation or event/goings-on.
1. "Wanna go see a movie?"
2. "America's still in it's patriotism movie."
3. "I'd love to go, but I have a dinner movie happening."
by 2day September 07, 2005
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used to describe something funny, cool or weird that just happened or was just said, like it was out of a movie.
riley: wanna go to the dance with me ?
kary: no, ew

you: movie💀
by znemadx June 24, 2020
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