A slang for Weed, Pot, Poht, Grass, etc.
Plant a TREE, it's good for the envoronment.
by Henry May 27, 2004
a word for pot, parent friendly
Mom: where are u off to
Kid: to get some trees
Mom: o thats nice
by Jon Moquin May 14, 2004
Yet another slang term for weed.
Got some trees, homie?
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
Small whisker like protrusions from the edges of a poorly electroplated article.
"Man, those beaners always have trees on their work."
by king of graphics January 13, 2007
our only hope of stopping global warming
"we need to start planting more trees so that we dont heat up the earth to much"
by lameloser August 29, 2008
Marijuana, THC, Shwag or Nugs(kind bud)
Damn, them trees got me higher than a mutha****er
by Brian September 13, 2004
a slang for marijuana, weed, etc.
p1: hey bro you got any trees

p2: yeah bro I got some good shit
by dumb jsjsj June 12, 2020