A word used to acknowledge fuckboy athletes by their masogonistic mates in a way that disguises and celebrates their toxic masculinity.
Matt: *sleeps with whole swim team*
Friend: On ya, gibbs!

Friends: watch out, gibbs is on the move!
Jess: why do they call you gibbs when that's not your name?
Gibbs: ummm ... don't worry it's just a joke.
by GirlCode2022 August 4, 2023
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Former marine gunnery seargent,Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the main character on the hit tv show NCIS, played by Mark Harmon.

also known as "Bossman", "Boss", and "Silver Fox".

aka: the most amazing man to ever grace the world with his presence.
Ex: Person 1: "Hey, you know who ISN'T reading this definition???"

Person 2: "GIBBS!!!!"
by GibbsGirl August 24, 2009
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To roll. Any form of the word roll can be used in this context.
'I totally gibbs'ed my car going round that bend too quickly'
'Can you gibbs me a cigarette please?'
'I had a lovely cheese gibbs the other day'
by H.Dawg January 6, 2012
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a legendary god who pleasures females until ecstasy with his large penis

(also has 12 testes)
ohh my gog look at gibbs and his massive manpole
by Gog December 20, 2004
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Absolute fucking legend! Known as an ancient Australian god.
He is a Gibbs
by The Bunnings sausages February 6, 2017
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Gibbs’s are very intelligent and talented and understand human emotions. They make good grades in m school and they do many things that are constructive

These people have many friends and are funny and is a nice person to hang around with.
Gibbs’s can be annoying with personal issues and talk too much.
They are also very overprotective but rarely display their emotions . Also they are slow to anger which means they don’t get mad easily. These people do not take a lot of things seriously.
Gibbs’s are either short or very tall. They are not the best looking people on the planet but they are a good catch because they deeply care about the ones they love and they think about their future a lot.
Gibbs’s are very complex with their emotions because they have many different personalities.
Dang! Gibbs is so short !
Why is Gibbs so stupid?
Gibbs is the one who is most likely to succeed.
by Gibbs (n, ad) November 3, 2019
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Is a large flightless bird only found in Essex . it has a large breast with colorful plumage of which is often dribbled on .
The Gibbs bird can often be found at a second floor level eating scraps they buy from the pound shop...
from time to time they require company and turn to bears as their chosen boredom reliever . The bear, oddly, just plays with the bird . they watch shitty tv and talk shit .
the Gibbs can often be found at unnamed sandwich stores .

Should you come across a Gibbs duck and roll boys , duck and roll .....
ladies should just offer it treats till it come to your house .... they make great pets .

apart from that weird gingery smell !
person 1 : Thats a Gibbs bird isnt it ???
Person 2 : duck and cover before it see`s us

person 1 : its too late..... is carrying me off by the underwear ..

Person 2 : i told you not to use subway wrappers as undergarments
by Jeremy cuttlefish February 19, 2018
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