When two or more guys have sex with a girl, each of the guys choose a designated hole to penetrate similar to how they would choose spots in the car for the ride
When Jim and Carl went on a road trip with Sally, Jim stayed in the front and Carl stayed in the back the whole ride.
by Mr.Geeve March 04, 2015
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One of the worst bands ever.... They try to be like every other GOOD band but fail horribly every time. And their so called roadies are so annoying and start stupid drama.. So road trip is the worst band ever.. GO STREAM "TALK" BY WHY DONT WE ON SPOTIFY AND I TUNES.
Girl 1: do you know you road trip is?
Girl 2: who the fuck is that
Girl 1: an irrelevant band that thinks theyre why dont we

Girl 2: what the fuck.. Why don't we is so much better than them.. Hehehe
by Jeeperznutzsack July 18, 2018
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