When you come out the womb, what a name to be called! Billy. He's a funny cunt and enjoys only three things in life Breakfast, Dinner & Tea. Top geezer with a semi-decent heart! Doesn't take anyones shit and has very large muscles.
*Slips out of the womb*
Dad: Jheeezeeeee Look at the muscles on him! He's gonna be a unit.
Mum: Let's Call him Billy!
by Billy is great November 7, 2019
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A wise, yet rather young, playful soul. A thinker, a bit of a philosopher, a lover, and quite a debater. Billys take a strange, yet strong interest in whats going on in society at a young age. They possess a beautiful compassion for most anything or anyone that they feel could use any potential help. They believe strongly in revolutionizing and creating a better tomorrow. They love with a love like no other and are often romantics. While Billys do have the intentions of doing well in life themselves, they can seem unmotivated due to intense procrastinating. All Billys enjoy being a part of any debate, but most specialize in a couple of different subjects and enjoy sharing their knowledge in those. Billys are fun loving and wonderful people to be in the presence of, most are known to be loyal, intelligent, and charismatic. Although there are differences depending on the Billy's zodiac signs, all Billys can be incredibly moody, but it is tolerable because Billys are very hard not to love. Some Billys can be the exact opposite of all of these characteristics, if that's the case, that sucks for you. If you are to lucky enough to meet a Billy that fits these characteristics, then back the hell up because he belongs Molly<3.
When eating, make sure that your food does not leave any Billys on your lip or shirt:) ...for Billy is indeed a crumb.
by Moko121810 January 1, 2012
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Billys are the best love makers in the world, every girl must have sex with a billy. They are also usually well built, muscular, tanned and love physical sports, they’re also the funniest type of lad about and spends every Saturday with the boys.
by Muggycunt11 January 18, 2018
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Billy is the best people you could ever meet. He is smart, kind, helpful and extremely funny. If you find a billy in your life, you are lucky and you must keep him. Never forget him even if he moves to a different place and not really in touch. Billy will always stick up for those who he cares about and he care a lot for his friends.
“Omg! That’s a billy! Go talk to him”
by Yo. July 22, 2019
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Billy is usually a caring guy. He is usually very kind to his girlfriend even if things can be complicated they know they'll be together forever. A billy can be one of the sweetest guys you can ever find. His friends always support him and are always by his side. As his relationship, he and his girlfriend or girlfriend to be can be confused about it all but once they actually talk they will learn they are the ones for each other.
by okokokok7 August 21, 2015
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A smart sexy and handsome beast who will fuck start your soul.
Billy's boner in class today was massive and he just pretend as if it wasn't there.

Billy ploughed me good last night, I don't care if he doesn't give me good grades anymore.
by Illegal African February 7, 2020
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