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Billy is usually a caring guy. He is usually very kind to his girlfriend even if things can be complicated they know they'll be together forever. A billy can be one of the sweetest guys you can ever find. His friends always support him and are always by his side. As his relationship, he and his girlfriend or girlfriend to be can be confused about it all but once they actually talk they will learn they are the ones for each other.
billy is only the best boyfriend ever!
by okokokok7 September 30, 2015
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A wise, yet rather young, playful soul. A thinker, a bit of a philosopher, a lover, and quite a debater. Billys take a strange, yet strong interest in whats going on in society at a young age. They possess a beautiful compassion for most anything or anyone that they feel could use any potential help. They believe strongly in revolutionizing and creating a better tomorrow. They love with a love like no other and are often romantics. While Billys do have the intentions of doing well in life themselves, they can seem unmotivated due to intense procrastinating. All Billys enjoy being a part of any debate, but most specialize in a couple of different subjects and enjoy sharing their knowledge in those. Billys are fun loving and wonderful people to be in the presence of, most are known to be loyal, intelligent, and charismatic. Although there are differences depending on the Billy's zodiac signs, all Billys can be incredibly moody, but it is tolerable because Billys are very hard not to love. Some Billys can be the exact opposite of all of these characteristics, if that's the case, that sucks for you. If you are to lucky enough to meet a Billy that fits these characteristics, then back the hell up because he belongs Molly<3.
When eating, make sure that your food does not leave any Billys on your lip or shirt:) ...for Billy is indeed a crumb.
by Moko121810 January 01, 2012
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Billy is the kind of guy you know you want to spend the rest of your life with after meeting up with him to discuss Jen's notes. You're never gonna know how you deserve him because he is so funny, smart, and sweet. When someone thinks of "generous", they think of Billy. He will buy you anything from unlimited gyoza to beautiful Tiffany jewellery. Billy is also the most good-looking person you will ever meet and has these beautiful eyes and an eyebrow with a track that he shaves in every morning. Also he has a girthquake. But most of all, Billy is always loved.
I've given up on Billy, nothing is going to happen.
by gqwakihj August 05, 2018
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A piece of paper who created the universe. Was worshipped in a number of societies, including but not limited to, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient China. Is the main deity of a monotheistic religion known as Billyism.
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A freak at skating. A Billy loves beanies knitted by his grandma and he is normally good at everything. A Billy is a brunette and has a perfect body, tanned, fit, well-built, muscular and is just pure sex appeal all over. A Billy has a amazing personality and makes the an excellent boyfriend. A Billy likes making innapropriate jokes and actions whilst in public. A Billy is extremely affectionate and will always know how to make someone smile. Billy is someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. Once you meet a Billy you will never want to leave him. Likes bubbles
'I saw this Billy down the street the other day'

'omg did you get his number? Make sure you don't let him get away!'
by potatooeesss July 30, 2012
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a commonly used name for a boy. usually people would define a billy as very plain, but if you were to get to know one, you would see how amazing and fun he really is. usually very adventurous, honest, outgoing, carefree, handsome,and has a good sense of humor. tends to have very good taste in music, is a great kisser, very romantic, and an amazing lover. loves trying new things, very determined, professional, can be serious, and shoots for the stars. very loyal friend, and an even more loyal boyfriend.
sam: i think we should name him Billy
by dropdeadalii July 06, 2009
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An awesome guy that anyone can confide to. If you're lucky you date one. They are a big flirt. They are sweet but make dumb decisions and is usually judged by those decisions.
I know a 3 guys named Billy :)
by GAgirlXD February 02, 2013
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