The person infront while cuddling. Usually the better position to be cuddling.
"Denise should always be little spoon."

"Of course," said Megan.
by Littlespoon4lyfe January 11, 2016
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When cuddling, they're the little one's, or the softest one's and need attention and protection from the big Spoon
by Fstttuatsi June 7, 2021
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To be the person in a cuddle sesh who is 'in front'.
I want to be the little spoon.
by PineappleJuice March 9, 2015
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When spooning, the partner on the inside. Usually the woman, or shorter partner. Used without an article. (ie, "I like being little spoon," not "I like being the little spoon")

see also meatball.
Jenna prefers to be little spoon.
by Cosmo July 13, 2005
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the person on the inside of the snuggle who sometimes gets their back rubbed/hair played with when spooning, usually the girl
Liz said "I call the little spoon!"
by anonymous November 30, 2004
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dima, a short hella cool redded boy from san fran who writes gansta rap but plays classics on the piano, the future owner of Little Spoon Entertainment. Has a desire to be the big spoon but will always be the little.
Hey wheres Little Spoon? You mean Dima...... Yeah,
Oh hes in Wardlaws parents bed spooning with Long Island/Dangerous Dave (Big Spoon)
by Kimster and Lolo January 24, 2007
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Little Spoon Syndrome, or LSS for short, occurs when a couple is spooning. The man naturally finds himself often being the little spoon while his girlfriend takes the role of the big spoon. This role reversal is rare, but does occur, usually with men who a big and tall, but still have an emotional side. Although at times emasculating, it is often quite comforting.
John: Hey Ryan, it looks like that guy over there has some serious LSS
Ryan: Do you mean Little Spoon Syndrome? Yeah, that guy definitely has LSS.
by CowsOnCows July 12, 2013
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