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The long and boring trip that eventually becomes memorable and fun through time.
Mike: Road trip!
John: Dude those are so long and your car smells like shit.
Mike: Yeah but in ten years it will be the happiest moments of your life.
by lifeskillbitch September 02, 2012
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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Long car rides with friends, family, pets, etc. Generally entails excessive heat, or air conditioning, rest stops, pee breaks, speeding, sleeping, and lots of cities. Red bull is acceptable.
Hey, let's take a road trip to Florida from Michigan.

Yeah, I love road trips.
by BMINE April 01, 2010
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When a bunch of kids get in a car (most likely a VW Bus, most likely with tons of drugs, and drive to an exotic destination (like Vegas or New Jersey).

It happened more in the 70s.
Dude, let's go to Vegas! Hell yeah! Road Trip!!
by Auduck October 14, 2005
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A road trip is a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or improvised.
I am going on a roadtrip with my boys from NYC to Miami.

Not an example is: Edrin left from Staten Island to CT.
by LosAlamos July 03, 2011
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Overall the best 5 band you will ever meet.They are perfect and make you smile and laugh over all.

Jack,Andy,Rye,Mikey,Brook- the boys. You won't meet anyone like them. They are outgoing and overall so funny!!
RoadTrip is perfect
by @Annoymous June 15, 2017
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When a couple of people pile in a car and drive around on country roads drinking beer. This usually is done on the way to a party or waiting for a party to start. This is most enjoyable when women are involved. Another good idea is to make a power hour mix where a song plays for 60 seconds and a siren goes off signaling everyone in the car to take a drink/shot. A full tank of gas and a couple different power hours can make for one long night you may never remember.
Bob: Hey is there anything going on tonight?

Steve: Nope, not shit, wanna call up some women and road trip? I'll pay for the gas if you buy the beer.
by Peter Bishop April 19, 2011
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