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A newer compression codec better than mp3 which is over 10 years old. Mp4 can contain audio and/or video data. Music encoded in mp4 is a higher quality than mp3 because the mp4 codec loses less of the original source. Mp4's are also smaller than mp3's. Higher compression, better quality, smaller files: its amazing that no one has heard of mp4.
"I ripped all my CD's to mp4 instead of mp3 using winamp
by mp4sarebetter November 24, 2004
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An mp4 (MPEG-4) is a file format which can contain audio and/or video. They are smaller and of higher quaility than mp3's and absorb many of the features of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 adding additional 3D rendering and advanced interactivity. Overall mp4's are good but unfortunately it seems that very few people know what they are and even fewer people know what they do. I've heard others describe them as "downloaded videos",this is a fairly good description allthough they have other uses beyond being downloaded.
I tried to convert Team America: World Police from .avi to .mp4 so it would go on my new iPod using Total Video Converter. It took frickin' ages!
by 90% Pure Gelatin October 27, 2005
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