short for "cigarette" (if filled with marijuana it's a cigaweed).
I banged your mom indabutt, pulled an emeril on her, got in a good ol' danza slap, donkey punched the bitch, then went outside to smoke a cig.
by Nick D April 28, 2003
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a term meaning cigerrette, commonly used as an insult to weak,ignorant,redneck,hilbilly people ect.
ben: dude, this cig just tried to scam me for twenty bucks.

adam: yeah that guy is a total rip, it happened to me last week.
by mastercrapper123 September 01, 2010
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a slang word used for cigarette, and also something i smoke behind my parents bak coz they think im killing my self and they dont like it, even though they used to smoke :/
me: (chewing on ExTRA chwing gum)
mum: you'v been smoking havnt u?? (angry loud voice,smelling me)
me: no mum its ma mates mum, she smokes cigs..
mum:(not convinced, calling me a liar in her head)
by xArabian.Princessx November 02, 2008
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Chad I. Ginsburg. He's the guitarist for cky when they're live and Vern Zaborowski is the live bassist, but Chad plays bass when they're recording songs for they're albums. And Vern's just live....
"they are really fucking with you. they cant handle our minds. we are too free.they want you like clones..fuCK that be proud."
-Chad Ginsburg
by ALK MAN March 09, 2004
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