short for "cigarette" (if filled with marijuana it's a cigaweed).
I banged your mom indabutt, pulled an emeril on her, got in a good ol' danza slap, donkey punched the bitch, then went outside to smoke a cig.
by Nick D April 28, 2003
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abbreviation for the word 'cigarette'
after class, Kendall and I went out to smoke a cig.
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005
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a term meaning cigerrette, commonly used as an insult to weak,ignorant,redneck,hilbilly people ect.
ben: dude, this cig just tried to scam me for twenty bucks.

adam: yeah that guy is a total rip, it happened to me last week.
by mastercrapper123 September 01, 2010
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a slang word used for cigarette, and also something i smoke behind my parents bak coz they think im killing my self and they dont like it, even though they used to smoke :/
me: (chewing on ExTRA chwing gum)
mum: you'v been smoking havnt u?? (angry loud voice,smelling me)
me: no mum its ma mates mum, she smokes cigs..
mum:(not convinced, calling me a liar in her head)
by xArabian.Princessx November 02, 2008
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A CIG ( pronounced KID- with a G) is a noun used to describe someone who has a problem with itching their crotch. CIG stands for: crotch itch girl. if you are calling a boy that, you would use CIB- crotch itch boy.
Maddie, stop being a CIG!!!!

Heaven secretly was being a CIG, but didnโ€™t want anyone to know.

Kaitlyn fell in love with the boy, who was also a CIB.
by Lilmudzzzzz January 09, 2019
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