Stacy is a girl who is very blunt and rude, but she has the biggest heart and is always the realist. She's funny , cute , and goofy. She will try to make up laugh if you're sad , she always put others before herself. She's been hurt all her life so when she tells you she loves you she means it. She is very weird and passionate about others. A shy girl in the beginning but makes sexual jokes , and is very loud once you get to know her. Has boys falling for her but she always have one boy in her head. She's loyal , but if you hurt her she won't come back to you ever again.
Wow .. I wanted to be a Stacy .
by AlohaaS December 22, 2016
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The female response to Chad. She bad af.
OMG! Stacy is always over at Chad's place!
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet with gorgeous eyes. Daring, bold and not afraid to stand out for those who they love. They love to read but can turn into a party animal raising the mood around. Rough in bed
Did you see that Stacy over there
She's beautiful.... Those eyes.
by Bloomy nush December 26, 2017
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She is very blunt and can be rude. She doesn't take no crap from anyone. She has a heart of gold, but doesn't have a problem in putting someone in their place. When you meet Stacy, she is kind and funny. Try to stay away from pissing her off. She loves her family and friends. An awesome and amazing person. In her own way.
Stacy. She is awesome.
by WeAreAllMad0000 June 27, 2018
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Stacy is a very Sweet, Caring girl. Usually short but very fit. She's usually Loud, and love-able. makes friends easily. Mostly always a Brunette and all natural. Very Beautiful, and so cute. Loves to talk a lot. A great kisser, But a teaser. and a country girl at heart. she's always shy at first but after the first time you meet her she's totally out going. The girl that you want to bring home and let her meet the parents and the girl to marry. Faithful, Honest, and trustworthy, and super funny. A good girl, but has a bad side to her. Loves to be in control at times. but also loves to follow. This is the Dream girl for guys.
Boy 1: Did you see that new girl at school?

Boy 2: that Stacy Chick?

Boy 1: Yes. Shes so Beautiful.

Boy 2: Dude I know. I want her to be my girlfriend.

Boy 1: me too. Shes so Amazing.
by Anchor13 February 16, 2010
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Probably the coolest, nicest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Ever. The most awesome best friend you could ever have. If you don't know her, shame on you.
Guy: "Man, Stacy is just so f'n amazing"

Other guy: "True dat"
by John McP March 8, 2009
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Her mom has got it goin' on
She's all I want
(rest of song)
by H4ZZ4_ March 10, 2020
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