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Trying to get the gas station but crashing before you get out of the parking lot.
Little spoon: bro what happens to your car?
Jake: I was trying to get some cigs but ended taking an arnove road trip.
by Bid dick michale November 20, 2017

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Making a scissor with motion while having a lesbian on each hand.
Dom:Bro I had a lesbien on each hand last night.
Jake: damn bro lesbian scissor hands!!!
by Bid dick michale November 09, 2017

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“When one is in the club dancing as if they are on a horse, swinging a lasso and they spot an attractive female. One is to “lasso” such female and reel her in. As she approaches, one is to grab her and body slam her to the ground and “hogtie” her. As she will be unconscious, one is to throw her over one’s shoulder, mount their horse and ride their way into the bathroom.”
“Alex: I saw you in the club cowboying it up last night!
Ben: Gotta do the cowboy right, you know?”

“Sharkey: Are you okay, man?
Prak: Naw, someone did the cowboy to me a little too hard last night”
by Bid dick michale November 29, 2017

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Jummy is A very little spoon.
Jimmy: I'm a little spoon and I know it.
by Bid dick michale November 30, 2017

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Repeatable entering and leaving a terrable relationship for reasons only God and the one benning it uo understand.
Ben: bro I got back with my girl even though she broke my stuff and hits me in the face.
Trey: bro your really Bening it up right now.
by Bid dick michale November 10, 2017

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