Much like a power trip, a "Road Trip" is when a driver feels like he/she owns the road and feels as if they are a better driver than the other drivers around them.
That asshole just cut across a 4 lane highway and cut me off, he's definitely on a road trip....
by jbirdx September 27, 2010
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Word used to discribe when a girl fingers a guy in the ass in order for the guy to have an errection.
"Sex with my girl is great except when she pulls that road trip move. That freaks me out."
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
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Visiting my fucking in-laws on psychotropic drugs.
We better pack plenty of mushrooms for the road trip to your parents. Then the utter shit that comes out of their mouths might make some sense.
by jam July 11, 2003
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The sensation that becomes travelers after 5+ hours in the car, particularly when driving at night. Road trip Insanity includes saying things that don't make sense, laughing hysterically at things that are not funny, and a general sense of "loopey-ness"
Once travelers have reached the point of Road Trip Insanity, there is not turning back.
Bob- I'm validated!
Tom- I'm inebriated!

Sally- Looks like you guys have a bad case of Road Trip Insanity.
by roadmaster1217 October 11, 2010
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That's when you pull over and shag in an abandoned building. Once only popular in Ratus, Moldova, it's taking the world over by storm
Stacy: "Hey, I had a date with Jake last night and he took me to the old mill."

Svetlana: "So you had a Moldovan Road Trip?"

Stacy: "Of course"
by antmaninthanosass April 18, 2019
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One of the worst bands ever.... They try to be like every other GOOD band but fail horribly every time. And their so called roadies are so annoying and start stupid drama.. So road trip is the worst band ever.. GO STREAM "TALK" BY WHY DONT WE ON SPOTIFY AND I TUNES.
Girl 1: do you know you road trip is?
Girl 2: who the fuck is that
Girl 1: an irrelevant band that thinks theyre why dont we

Girl 2: what the fuck.. Why don't we is so much better than them.. Hehehe
by Jeeperznutzsack July 18, 2018
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