A state of male excitement which brings a high risk of poor decision making. Blending the word 'error' into the word 'erection'.
Pete: Hey, Mike, I heard that babe you boned last year is suing you for child support.
Mike: Yeah, that's gotta be the worst errection I ever had.
by aum108 February 4, 2012
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According to the atmospheric temperature and humid condition
It has led your penis into a state of over highly active stimulation
causing more blood cells to pump towards your penis causing expansion
and decompression of the particle blood cells leading to an overload
of hormonic testosterones causing one really stiff penis at 180
degrees northerly.
The young boy had an errection when he had awoken.
by El Banderas November 15, 2005
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When aroused by the correction of grammar and or spelling.
Guy: 'Hey, waht's up?'
Girl: 'what's*'
Guy: 'mmm..'
Girl: 'What?'
Guy: 'You gave me a correction errection'
by TheMexicanOrphan September 12, 2010
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its something you get when i look at another men. its when your 3 inch punisher gets a stiffy. it feels nice but hurts to pee. when u get an errection the best way to ger rid of it is to shove a rusted nail up your uratha.
ya yet lets go boys i just got a large errection
by nigga on a trigga June 8, 2019
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An erection of the penis obtained due to affection for a partner, often during cuddling.
Babe I didn't want the booty I just got an Affection Errection!
by Snivvels September 21, 2015
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When your signal is full for more than 10 seconds.
when i was at the ATT head quarters i got an connection errection
by triple22a November 19, 2010
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