Be a practical and logical thing to do
It doesn't make sense to buy now while houses are much more expensive than usual.
by Harrywlk March 27, 2017
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Sarcastic phrase that means "I'm right...admit it" even when what you said makes no sense at all. Best used by David Spade in the film "Tommy Boy"
Bob: "I'm gonna bet my life savings on Chuck Norris going makes sense doesn't it?"
by dnice92 September 1, 2008
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What one would say to somebody after they attempted to utter a phrase that didn't make sense.
Synically used.

Perfect counter to a "your face" or "your mom" comeback.
guy1: Did you mean to look that stupid?
guy2: Did your mom mean to look that stupid?
guy2: (shrugs, then falls unconscious)
by DRE-PANTS March 3, 2005
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When u are in the bathroom curling your hair for this “makes sense”. Makes sense is a wonderful, sexy, great and funny man that you never get tired of. Makes sense loves a girl that says “no deep throat for that”.... while he is saying that ugly word “yay” with his pants down or when he is practically naked sitting on his couch. He tells his girlfriend “ you ain’t gonna get 4 cents for that “while he’s pointing at his dick.Pert near.
Makes sense: that was Becky!
Old mean girlfriend: that’s what she said . That’s who sounds like.
by Beautifulcrazypancake March 15, 2021
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Used when someone says some stupid shit.
Ex: What's Obamas first last name?

Make That Make Sense ^
by D Relle June 15, 2016
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Something that is confusing, hard to understand.
An easy example:

Person 1(Drunk): Haaaa...loook at thaat raaiinbooowww, ittt''s glooowwwiiiingg!

Person nr 2 (Sober): Excuse me, but firstly there is no rainbow, it's dark, secondly, what you're saying doesn't make sense! and thirdly, you're drunk.
by Dr.Explain.A.Lot. August 20, 2011
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While originally used by professors of quantum physics to make sure students are understanding what they are talking about, it has evolved into a not so subtle way of insulting someone's intelligence.
by MarkyMark79 April 19, 2016
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