Svetlana is a beautiful and sophisticated lady. She is an amazing person who cares for you. She loves you with all her heart and cares for you so much you can't even begin to imagine. Whenever you feel down you can count on Svetlana because she will always be there for you and make you feel better. She is the light of the world. She is positive and funny and loving and the greatest sister you could ever wish for. If you ever are so lucky to get a Svetlana in your life hold on to her and never let her go.
Person 1: Hey, your sister Svetlana is so nice.

Person 2: I know she is the greatest sister ever.
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Svetlana is a common name amidst Slavs , people with Russian origins . "Svet" in Russian means light , holy and bright . Svetlana´s are typically some of the most caring women you may know although they may seem tough on the surface . Their perspective of the world may be different to yours , however they have all the correct information to back it up . They make amazing and affectionate mothers , teachings their child how to grow up respecting their roots and being a lady or total gentleman . Their demeanor brings joy to close members . They never cease to give out love and tips , however this often gets unnoticed .
"Svetlana , your name suits you perfectly . You are as bright as it indicates . "
" Thank you for being my mother . Svetlana . Your name is holy itself . Just how you existence is to me "
by nikamc February 24, 2017
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A russian ballet dancer primarily named Jesus, whom everybody thought was the Antichrist. The sent her in a box to Alasks, and wrote "jesus" on the box, but it looked like "svetlana" so she was called that. She went to live with Penguina, and developed a nonlesbian interest in her (although she admitted on live TV that she was bi.) She enjoys going to iHop with Penguina, their close personal very best friend Rleka, and Penguina's dad,Czjham. They then tell the waiter their name is Dregorgle.
Rleka: "Have you scene penguins seen Penguina?"

Scene penguins: "Hello Kitty!"

Rleka: "How about Svetlana?"

Scene penguins: "Fall Out Boy!"
by Rleka July 2, 2007
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a cold hearted witch who will sacrifice and burn you the first chance she gets.
dude is she sacrificing us?

yeah man she's a total svetlana and we are going to die now.
by lalala980 March 19, 2019
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Math teachers that give a bunch of homework and require 5 empty binders for nothing. Their wall papers are math numbers. They usually have 3 blue bags for nothing as well
If Mrs svetlana won’t be participating in the event she will be busy counting the numbers on her phone
by MCharlie911 October 19, 2018
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Since the 1990s, Russian school boys have been taunting other boys on playgrounds with the phrase “Привет Светлана!” Hiiii, Svetlana! The inferred taunt is less about the two words than how those words are spoken, with a singsong feminine lilt:
Hiiiiiiiiiii, Svet-lanaaaaaa!”

The intended message to the boy addressed as ‘Svetlana’ is that “you are gay and everybody knows it.”

In Russia, official government policy says that homosexuals are mentally ill, dangerous, intent on “switching” young boys, and represent a threat to Russian traditional life.

On Russian playgrounds, confrontations that begin with “Hiiiii Svetlana!!!” usually move quickly to physical violence. The stakes are that high.

The provenance of this derogatory slang is attributed everywhere (and nowhere).

One plausible source? A 90s-era Russian TV comedy series where “Hi, Svetlana!” was the catchphrase of a male character on the show…actually, a pile of gay tropes and cliches stacked 6 feet tall in the shape of a man. Lisping for dear life. Dressed in pastels. Pink scarf tied around neck. Demeanor of Truman Capote, flamboyance of Sean Hayes, fierce as Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande, yet purer than Tim Gunn…the audience likes camp characters. They won’t tolerate the reality of two men in love with each other.

The show never mentioned the character’s sexuality or mentioned gays, but they loaded the character with every gay trope and tired cliche that let viewers
When a new, quiet kid starts his first day at a new high school in Moscow, a bully sees the kid and wants all the kids enrolled there to think the new guy is gay.
In a loud, campy voice (Frankie Grande meets RuPaul?), Bully quiets the hallway and points at New Kid.
Bully affects a feminine voice and mannerisms as he stretches out the words of his taunt like lines from a show tune

“Hi, Svetlana!”…which sounds like:“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii SVET-lannnnaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

New Kid, no matter what his actual sexual orientation may be, is now The Weird New Gay Kid to everyone at school. They’ll remind him every day in childish—and sometimes sadistic—bullying designed for an audience.
by Skip D. Intro March 10, 2023
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Mrs svetlanas are math teachers that have a blue bag with 76 empty binders .they also give a lot of homework .their wallpapers are numbers. They are idiots
If Mrs svetlana won’t participate in the event she will be busy counting numbers on her phone
by MCharlie911 October 19, 2018
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