When they try to catch me riding dirty.
("siren roaring")

dude1:("turning down the sound") Damn!!! stop smokin' dude, the cops gonna pull over!
dude2: be cool dude, I got $50 bucks...
dude1: cool!
by paul_houston January 29, 2009
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1. the need for someone to stop doing what they're doing, take a chill pill, and just relax; usually directed towards someone who is about to be or already is completely wasted

2. when you're just about to become or already are "that guy" at the party
"You need to pull over man" (While said "man" is challenging everyone and their mother to a wrestling match, in the living room, drunk.)
by t_saenz April 25, 2007
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1: At a time period where Syd (Person A), verbally states something that leaves aidan (person B) dumbfounded, Aidan (person B) will proceed to say, “pull over!” and remind Syd (person A) to think about the statement twice.
Syd: (self-consciously thinking about what she said)
Pull over: A phrase to put someone in place
by peni$ September 5, 2022
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A funny, politely abrupt way to get off the phone with some one who talks too much and too long especially about nothing of significance
Gotta go Mom. I'm Getting Pulled Over
by Tabago's mom April 1, 2019
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They think they can pull the wool over his eyes but they can't fool anyone. (example of pull the wool over someones eyes)
by The Return of Light Joker October 22, 2009
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