To call group of people...used both for male or female.
by Nguyen Khoi Nguyen August 21, 2006
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1. A reference to a group of men and women.
Example (setup): What the "baby-ruth" guy said in the movie Goonies.
Example (actual): "Hey you guys!"
by chaeseco June 2, 2003
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This term is used to reduce the awkwardness that the less-educated among us have with the fact that the singular and plural form of "you" in English is the same. It is used by restaurant hosts/hostesses and servers relentlessly. A particularly vulgar aberration of an already bad-enough term would be to say "yous guys", which is often heard in Long Island. And then, there is the Southern aberration, "y'all" - an example of Southerns' unfamiliarity with the English language.
"Welcome to Applbee's; would you guys like something to drink?"
by Chandelier LaGuardia July 11, 2008
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A phrase used to berate or lecture multiple people at once. The person speaking the phrase is often angry and upset. The individual does not know whom or where to direct his/her anger so the individual directs it at an often innocent, larger audience. This is commonly exhibited in the workplace. The verb for this phrase is "YG'd"
"You guys I do all the work around here!" "You guys didn't tell me about the meeting!" "Work sucked today. I got YG'd" "Dude, I got YG'd while you were at lunch." "She is always YG’ing me."
by DoubleIPA January 21, 2009
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people who love Taylor Swift but are not toxic.
-hey, are you a swiftie?
-what? no! i hate them, i'm a you guys
by taylorswiftsupremacy June 15, 2021
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an exclaimation to descibe discomfort at a situation, which posseses danger to reach the limit.
Guys looking at nice looking girls:

Kikle: YOU GUYS!!!! awwwwwww
by Kikle January 14, 2009
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Proof of America's sexist bias. Although it's obviously designed to address the male sex, this phrase is used just as often by girls between girls.
After leaving band class every day, I would always hear the same group of girls address one another: "hey, you guys, listen." I find it ironic there was not a single guy in their midst.
by aleclair February 21, 2006
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