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1. (plur. roadie) People who tag along with a band cross country. They often will help in stage setup to "earn their keep".
1. We've got a group of roadies comming in tonight, so make sure they don't trash the rooms
by chillinvillain October 09, 2005
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an alcoholic drink of choice for your commute home
Susan had a few roadies on the way, thereby loosening her up for her date and proceeded to have some of the best sex of her life!
by Sexy Bitch April 24, 2007
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A term used to discribe an event of which a group of people pile into one car and drive on gravel roads while smoking pot.
Eh Joe, you wanna go on a roady after school?
by Lori Kelderman May 18, 2007
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a term used for a girl who gives her boyfriend road head whether the car is parked or still in motion.
What a roady
by yknarf4 August 12, 2010
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People who pile up in a car and tag along with a band cross country, often against the will of the band. But will often "earn their keep" by setting up the stages so that thay may continue to follow the band around.
John- "Damn those roadies never give up."
Paul- "Whatever man, as long as they keep setting up our shit, im cool with it."
John- "Well they're fucking creepin me out, following us everywhere..."
by D.N.G. June 10, 2009
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a road trip. not restricted to but often one organised quickly
hey jon, grab the barbie and some beer, harry got his kombi working and we are all going on a roady down south
by geraldpoopypants October 06, 2006
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