1. (plur. roadie) People who tag along with a band cross country. They often will help in stage setup to "earn their keep".
1. We've got a group of roadies comming in tonight, so make sure they don't trash the rooms
by chillinvillain October 9, 2005
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an alcoholic drink of choice for your commute home
Susan had a few roadies on the way, thereby loosening her up for her date and proceeded to have some of the best sex of her life!
by Sexy Bitch April 24, 2007
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Arms - If you're poor, your only roadies are your own arms.
Put your roadies in the air
by skiway July 22, 2004
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An individual who is responsible for setting up, tearing down, and generally maintaining the equipment for a band.

See also coons
Hey roadie, I need a new pic for my guitar.
by Ryan May 9, 2003
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Receiving a blow job from a hot chick in the passenger seat while you are driving.
Hot chick: "I'll give you a roadie if you take me to get tacos."
by JTurc4 June 21, 2019
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A roadie is an alcoholic beverage consumed while driving. In other words, a stupid but incredibly epic adventure.
Dude we got like a half hour drive, make me a roadie so I'm not bored shitless on the way
by hannahnicolee April 13, 2011
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The best job ever. It often involves lugging gear around and setting up the stage for the band. There are also specialized roadies that deal with one specific thing, such as guitars, basses, drums, and front of house sound, these are referred to as techs or techies. Roadies also fix any problems that may occur during a show. Many bands have at least one roadie, but usually don't have more than 10.
I'm the roadie for the PG's; I lug their amplifiers and guitars to the stage and set up for the show. I also handle the merch booth when the singer's girlfriend is busy
by elijah (psykokatt storm) June 4, 2015
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