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A car that is really meant to just get people from point A to B. Yet, there are some people out there that see a "hidden" performance package. Regardless if it's a type R or type SIR, it's still a torqueless car. Some people actually spend 5 thousand on a old pos civic, then spend another 10-20 grand on the car to make it look "cool" and "fast" when in reality, they could have just spent that money on a real car, saved the money and moved out from living in their parents basement.
Bill: Daym check out Eric in his civic, he spent 5gs on that turbo alone and another 7 on that type R engine!
Bob: Really, where does he live?
Bill: With his parents but still he got a dope ass car..
Bob:Actually my Evolution 8 could whip his ass *cell rings* Oh daym my girl's at my house naked gotta go!
by andrew May 7, 2004
a woman with three pussies that farts
eat my tricycle queef
by andrew February 28, 2004
- The coolest guy ever...sum1 whos last name is newton.... comes from the very berry bars of yumness Fig Newtons

Originated from Andrew Newton of Yorba Linda, Ca
Andrew Newton sounds gay......let's call him Figgy!!!!
by andrew March 3, 2005
To fuck a girl in the ass/pussy.

Fuck in general.
-Did you bump that trunk
-Hell yea

I'd bump that trunk

She got her trunk bumped
by andrew March 17, 2004
Any places outside of one's usual sphere of travel.
by andrew July 18, 2003
a jerk, a bum, a dick, an unpleasant person
Quit being a jerkstore, you jerkstore
by andrew September 26, 2003
When a person of elder status vomits after eating rotten food
damn my grampa kooshmaped last night he lost 6 of his lungs
by andrew July 9, 2003