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a jerk, a bum, a dick, an unpleasant person
Quit being a jerkstore, you jerkstore
by andrew September 26, 2003
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When a person of elder status vomits after eating rotten food
damn my grampa kooshmaped last night he lost 6 of his lungs
by andrew July 9, 2003
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the sole reason that middle school physical education was created

upon the creation of dodgeball came other games deriving from the root word, such as basketball and football, neither of which even compare in quality
kids wish class would last longer so they could play dodgeball for a longer time frame
by andrew May 26, 2004
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Nickname for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, one of the greatest guitarists to have ever walked the Earth.
"Hey, man, I was just listening to Satch; he rocks my socks off!"
by andrew December 29, 2004
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A person that constanly gets called a hacker and beets everyone at cs.
Cyb3r is an ownz0rian
by andrew January 7, 2003
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To stare fixedly at someone in a hostile manner. Generally used to convey anger or disdain, can be a signal that a fight is about to happen.
That guy was mad dogging me after I got his girl friend's number.
by andrew April 26, 2004
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camp kill your self, one of teh greast fucking bands,/series of movies ever
by andrew May 1, 2004
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