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Alternative spelling for the word anarchy.

Used alot among the crust

Also, one who believes in anarchy.
See the anok.

See the anok march.

March anok march!
by andrew October 30, 2004
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The shiz nit. It's the food of all foods. If you don't like it shut the **** up. It's quality.
I ate some damn good apple pie
by andrew April 04, 2003
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my dag laid an aquafat while i was skiny diping with my mom.
john had bad gas and hes aquafarting.
by andrew February 29, 2004
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when i pirate like fella is attempting to say goodbye when leaving a spanish speaking land.
puertorican - adios pirate
pirate - ardios!
by andrew March 13, 2004
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Not sure if this is actually feasible, but when you wrap sandpaper around your penis pour on a little hot sauce, and do a chick in the ass.
When I gave her the Arizona Hotrock, she started to cry, due to her burning asshole...but I quenched the fires with my spunk.
by andrew March 01, 2004
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