Definitely not you if your reading this.
Do some dishes for God's sake
If this doesn't get a vote I will slaughter you family.
Opposite of a Teenager
"Why won't you try and act responsible?" -dad
"I'll whoop yo ass"
-also dad
by Larry Gadon May 27, 2019
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"You can't have a car until you show more responsibility!" - The Parents

"WTF?! All I do all day is sleep!" - Me
by Wonderboy July 30, 2004
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The most misdefined word in the urban dictionary. It is simply the "BLAME" Teaching responsibility is easy if you do not complicate it. Taking responsibility is taking the "BLAME". Jesus was not responsible for all of our mistakes and yet he took the BLAME. Stop treating this word as a good trait because it is only good for those predestined to be the "SCAPEGOAT" Responsibility is something we can only accept not force on others without evidence that they are guilty. If the boss notices something good has been done and wishes to know who did it. He/She would ask "who gets the CREDIT". It is only after mistakes are discovered that we ask "who is RESPONSIBLE"? I pray that the editors recognize the logic and truth in this definition and give it the "CREDIT" it deserves.
Responsibility should be avoided unless you know the risk and are willing to take the blame for failing. Opportunity hides inside this risk, for if you succeed you will get "CREDIT" for success and dodge the 'BLAME" for failure.
by Spiritual-Master January 8, 2022
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I hate taking responsibility for accidents. It's not my fault that something I have no control over happened. If it was completely under my control and it happened, that would be one thing. Something you have no control over is a different story to me.
by Durango September 28, 2006
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A reply, reaction, or otherwise the act of responding.
A poor example:


Martin: Hello John.

John: btw taht was a response, rigt??/?

Martin: Yes. Yes it was.
by Requisite July 23, 2008
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A word often overused by political leaders when they or their subordinates have been negligient in their decision making, but don't actually carry out part or any of the full definition of the word.
President Bush says he "takes full responsibility for the mistakes in tactics that have failed to secure the safety of Baghdad". However, the guy is still president!
by James1000 June 1, 2007
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An action describing that the person, place or thing being of having been interacted with has yielded no output.
John: Hi!
Gary: no response
by KiloWhiskay October 22, 2014
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